Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Doubt, Faith, & Tenacity

Tim Van Orden embodies doubt,
faith, and tenacity on Upper
Walking Boss at the Loon Mountain
Race, Lincoln, NH. 
Photo by
Joe Viger Photography.
Nothing is possible without three essential elements; a great ball of doubt, a deep root of faith, and a fierce tenacity of purpose.  ~Zen wisdom

It is always the case that your present situation is framed by your beliefs.  In athletics, as in life, there is an unending ebb and flow of triumph and defeat.  Having the proper mental constitution allows us to enjoy the pleasant without holding on when it changes (it will) and to embrace the unpleasant without fear that it will always be that way (it won't).  

Doubt: The Beginning 
Contrary to most theoretical teachings, doubt is not the opposite of faith but a part of it.  To doubt is to question.  To question is to search for answers.  And when those answers lead to understanding, we attain a higher level of existence.  Questioning constructs our beliefs.  These beliefs, when witnessed firsthand, create faith.  Rather than seeing doubt as a negative, accept that is part of the search for knowledge.  With knowledge there is growth and with growth there is development.

Faith: The Compass
A precise path to success does not exist.  While short term training plans map out our physical actions for weeks and months in advance, unforeseen obstacles await.  Because of this reality, a compass is a necessity.  Faith is that compass.  When things don't go as planned, and we are forced to divert from our original route, our faith helps us to navigate around these obstacles and return us to our success bearing.  We trust this compass because of the time spent collecting knowledge.  

Tenacity: The Way
Goal attainment is a result of a commitment to unwavering forward progress in the face of challenges great and small.  It is not prosperity that defines us, rather it is adversity.  While action has the potential to lead to change, consistent action guarantees change.  With faith as our guide, we resolve that no matter what the obstacle, the way is always in the process.  We grip tightly.  

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